Vote No on Sinclair Tax Levy


Vote No in Montgomery County, Ohio for Issue 13…  Sinclair has started sending their brochures in the snail mail in support of of increasing taxes to support their business.   They are practicing the political tactic of Concentrated benefits, Dispersed cost by telling everyone it will cost “…under $3 per month per $100K of property owned”.   Of course, they’re not telling everyone that we’re already greatly subsidizing the community college.   I already pay more than $300/year to support Sinclair (along with another $8,000 in property taxes for various agencies around Montgomery County).

August 8, 2015

First, let me go on the record as saying that Sinclair College is a useful educational asset for the Dayton region.  In fact many years ago, I took college courses there while I was still in high school. However, we taxpayers are already subsidizing the community college as part of a big chunk of our property taxes.   One has to question the cost/benefit of adding more outlays from us midwestern folks.  Thus, I recommend establishing a line that we taxpayers do not cross: Vote No on the planned levy.

Sinclair Community College will bring a levy this November to ask voters to fund new workforce initiatives. School trustees voted Tuesday to approve a 1 mill levy for the November ballot in Montgomery County. That levy would mean about $35 per $100,000 in property values

Sinclair Asks for Tax Levy

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