Dayton Gems Hockey Returns to Hara for 2009 Season

As Yogi Berra used to say, “it’s deja vu all over again.”  The Dayton Bombers have officially folded and the Dayton Gems are back to play IHL hockey at Hara Arena…  I grew up on this staple of hockey, and the names are from “Christmas Past” of over 30 years ago — Guy Trottier, Warren Back… Ft Wayne, Port Huron, Muskegon.  This is unexpected… What other cliche can I throw at you?   Oh yeah,  “What goes around, comes around”.

We’ll probably try out 10 games or so at that dilapidated excuse for an arena called Hara (my sons learned to drive a car in the crumbling Hara parking lot).   In the interest of full disclosure: I actually worked at Hara in the late 70’s and practically lived there playing hockey in my youthful days.

We’ll have to check out the quality of play in the IHL.  While the Bombers played in the “AA” ECHL, I believe that the IHL is “A” level of hockey…  I did notice that the Gems signed a decent Bombers player, Greg Labenski.

Old Logo – 1968 dayton-gems-1968.jpg     New Logo – 2009  dayton-gems-2009.jpg


  1. Hey Dan,

    Thanks for mentioning us on your blog. I appreciate it. Couple opinions I wanted to share on a few things you said.

    1) We will be working on some improvements to the Hara facility including the parking lot this off season. I’d love to show you the places we are going to be making improvements. Please email me or call me in the office at 937-275-7777 and we can set up a time that’s convenient for you.

    2) Our league has a higher salary level than the “AA” ECHL. As there is no “official” measuring stick used by the NHL to determine single, and double A hockey (as the MLB does with baseball) it’s up to you to determine your own thoughts as to what to term our league.

    Thanks again for writing about us and we look forward to seeing you out for a few games this year.

    Matt Goshert
    Dayton Gems

  2. DZ: I think AA is more appropriate characterization. Also, note the Komets were Turner cup champs for the second year in a row… It is kind of like turning back the clock – just need Toledo and and a few others to join the IHL… Youngstown was considering it after a few years in the Western League, but decided to go with the top level in Jr hockey instead…

  3. Hey Dan

    Every time the town of Dayton is mentioned I repeat the happy stories you told me about Hara Arena. The one that sticks in my mind is how your wrote your name on the wall of the highest seats in the arena when you were a boy.Remember many others.

    Howie Schweibel
    OSU 82

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