Dell has Gone Downhill

I’ve been buying Dell computers for well over 15 years (note: I’m typing this posting on my Dell Latitude D620)… I started buying Dell during the days when there were at least 10 other alternatives such as Compaq, Acer, Systemax, etc.  Today, many of the major US corporations buy Dell computers for their employees. 

Well, son Leonard and I have noticed a tremendous decline in customer service over the last year or so.  For example, we recently had an experience where it took a month to get Dell to remove an inproper charge on my credit card.  I was so very close to contacting my credit card company to dispute the charge.

Evidently we’re not the only ones that have become aware of this phenomenon.  Eric Farraro shares his first-hand experiences with Dell service and support.   He describes one experience where a friend had to wait weeks to get feedback on a laptop sent in for repair.  His friend finally go the laptop back with a note inside: “Sent back unrepaired… thanks!”

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  1. I have too many grievances of which to name against Dell. Dell absolutely has terrible customer service and support.

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