Is Baker a Moron?

Most comments about the Iraq Study Group have been unfavorable (except those perhaps coming from Iran or Syria).  One of the better commentaries comes from Daniels Pipes.  Some of the key excerpts appear below:

The Report, cobbled together by 10 individuals lacking specialized knowledge of Iraq, dredges up past failed American policies in the Middle East and would enshrine them as current policy…

To make matters worse, Mr. Baker had the nerve to admonish the Bush administration not to treat the report’s 79 recommendations “like a fruit salad,” choosing one idea while rejecting another, but to accept it as a whole…

That Mr. Baker and his co-chairman, Lee Hamilton, sat for a picture spread with famed photographer Annie Liebovitz for Men’s Vogue, a fashion magazine, only confirms the vacuity of their effort, as does their hiring the giant public relations firm Edelman.

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