Harvard, Affirmative Action, & Wokeness


I discovered a commentary today from a Harvard alum, which contains much more information about the incoming president of the university:

“The new president is Claudine Gay, currently Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences… we should take note of what Gay has been mainly known for during her time in the Harvard administrative bureaucracy, and that is “racial justice initiatives.”

The picture emerges of Gay as the enforcer-in-chief of wokist orthodoxy at Harvard. I guess that’s the main qualification for the presidency today.”

I must say that the actual abilities and scholarly work from these these purveyors of expertise in the equivalent of basket weaving is very disappointing.  Her background reads like a further perpetuation of the racist gobbledygook you get from the leftist black “intellectual”.   Why aren’t the universities selecting minority individuals with the qualities and intellect of Walter Williams, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, and Shelby Steele?


December 17, 2022

Many people are now likely aware of the lawsuit against Harvard about the use of affirmative action in selection of student applicants.  This is a case presently being addressed by the US Supreme Court.  In the past century, Harvard was famous for discriminating against highly qualified Jewish applicants with a quota system.  Now the university is now being sued by Asian applicants.

Some of the ironic or quirky related-events at Harvard that you may have overlooked in just the last year:

1) Harvard selected an Atheist as the president of the chaplains.  It is rather ironic to focus on an Atheist as the leader of theology and religion in an institution that formerly discriminated based on religion.

2) Harvard recently selected a black women to be the president of the university. It is rather ironic to have a person with an underwhelming resume as the leader of an elite institution.

I don’t know enough about either “president” to pass judgement, but it certainly appears to demonstrate the embracement of woke principles above all else.


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