Hotel Fire Alarm: Everyone Needs to Experience One

Erol Yalaz and I are in the Pittsburgh area working at a customer site for a couple of days.  We were spending the night at a Hampton Inn in Steubenville, Ohio…  and behold, a piercing fire alarm wakes everyone in the hotel at 3:00am!   I caught a picture of one of the four fire trucks rolling up to the front lobby (see photo below).


One way to wake the dead (and the patrons in a hotel) is by having a shrieking fire alarm in every room.  The piercing sound of the alarm makes you want to vacate your room faster than a black man accidentally attending a KKK rally. 

Well, being the engineer that I am, I had suspicions that the cold weather was playing havoc on the fire sensors; and why in the hell would I want to run out in sub-zero, snowy weather at 3:00am in my boxer shorts?  Besides, I am only on the second floor, and I have my “roving agent” (Erol) in the lobby accessible via cell phone… thus, I used chewing gum and my room key to cover the sound coming from my room alarm (see photo below).

 room key over alarm.jpg

To top things off, Erol and I have a 7:00am meeting with our customer’s Union President… this should be an exciting day ;-|

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