How Dangerous is the Obama Administration?

An interesting article in American Thinker by James Lewis.  He makes some very interesting observations about the potential long-term damage from Obama’s foreign policies…    An excerpt:

 It’s now quite clear that Obama is playing chicken with Israel on Iranian nukes.  That is why Leon Panetta came out with a statement this week accusing Israel of planning to attack Iran.  If that statement is true, it’s the worst kind of sabotage, undermining the advantages of surprise.  If it’s false, it is intended to place Israel at the focus of Iranian rage.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Obama is a reckless gambler. He is gambling with our economy. He is gambling with our first-rate health care system, including your future as you age. He likes to gamble, and he figures to blame everybody else when he inevitably fails. That’s the role of the Occupy Mobs during the election: to blame “capitalism” when the economy aches and groans from Obama misgovernment. Obama (like Bill and Hillary) has figured out that misgovernment doesn’t matter in the least — not if you have the Big Media on your side, ready to rant and rage to blame your enemies for the chaos you bring.

Obama is a radical leftist. His mind is stuck in ideological delusions. We haven’t seen his kind in the United States since the Stalinism of the 1940s, but around the world Obamas are a dime a dozen. The third Kim in North Korea is one. Hugo Chávez is another. Israel has its own suicidal left, like the editor of the daily Haaretz who told Condi Rice that “Israel must be raped” to bring peace and love to the Middle East.

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