Is Satellite Radio Worth the Money?

I don’t know if many of you subscribe to Sirius or XM, the two commercial satellite radio services, but I’ve not been overly impressed.  My current automobile came with a Sirius tuner built into my car’s stereo system, and they offered me free service for the first year.  Thus, I’ve had the opportunity to sample the service over the last 12 months.

Both companies offer more than 100 digital channels that cover the gamut from CNN headline news to specific genres of music (rock, jazz, 80’s, and so on).  They both typically charge from $12 to $16 per month for the service.  I found that there were only 3 to 5 channels that I really enjoyed (the Comedy Channel is really the only source that I can’t get from my CD or FM radio), and I found it hard to justify paying for another monthly service that I only use a few hours per week.

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