Is There an Immigration Problem?

We’re from Ohio, so the discussion of Hispanic immigration doesn’t inspire the emotional outcry that we see in California or Arizona.  Since I do spend quite a bit of time in those two states, I must admit that my high school Spanish has come in handy…

The “rank and file” American is hardly opposed to immigration.  Heck, I’m first generation American.   I don’t think anyone in this country is against the notion of people from other parts of the world electing to make this country their home.  However, I think we also don’t like the idea of illegal immigrants (notice the use of the adjective “illegal”).  If it doesn’t matter that people have entered the country in an improper manner, then don’t have laws about it and don’t call them illegal aliens.

When it comes to immigration reform, there is no shortage of crazy ideas circulating around Washington. None is as illogical as plan the House passed in its immigration bill that would make a criminal of any American who, “assists… harbors… encourages” an illegal alien.   This is contrary to our Judeo-Christian values… However, the notion of granting across-the-board amnesty to every Tom, Dick, and Harry (or is that Jose, Juan, and Diego?) that snuck across the border just doesn’t appear to make economic sense.  There is a recent article in CBS News that supports this concern.

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