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My wife and I are frequent moviegoers, and we try to research films that appeal to us before we lay down the $9 for a seat.  I’ve often used the Yahoo Movie site because it provided a summary rating from the mainstream media critics as well as from the general users of Yahoo.  Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that this site is not as reliable as it used to be.  Yesterday we reviewed the ratings for the new Tommy Lee Jones movie, “The Three Burials…” and decided to catch the film at the downtown theatre.  To say the least, the movie was a great disappointment.  While Mr. Jones is a great actor, this movie had the screenplay and quality of a high school theatre production.   Either we’re way out of touch with the general public’s taste in movies, or this Yahoo Movie site is rigged.   Nevertheless, I’m in search of a new movie review/rating site that’s more consistent with our expectations.

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