Israeli Prime Minister

You may recall reading some of my previous comments about Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert… A great article from Dean Barnett at Townhall:

I pointed out the beleaguered Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “enjoyed” an approval rating of 2%… A Japanese leader with a 2% approval rating and such a demonstrated record of failure would be sprinting to retrieve his Hari Kari kit. A British P.M. under such circumstances would have long since heeded honor’s demand to tender his resignation.

And yet Olmert is acting giddy over the prospect of cleaning up the mess that even he acknowledges creating… analogizes the situation to a handy-man who comes to your house promising to fix a few things and instead tears the place apart. You beg him to leave, but he refuses to leave, insisting that he’s the only one with the necessary skills to repair the damage he himself has wrought…

Until now, throughout Israel’s brief history, her politicians had always put the good of the state over political expedience.

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