Jewish Leftists and Anti-Semitism

Somehow, I recently ended up on a blog site entitled “My Left Wing”.  While the political viewpoint was pretty evident, I decided to explore some of the postings. I came across a commentary entitled “Anti-Semitism: Two Perspectives” from a Jewish intellectual who claims to be a “progressive historian”.  Rather than share the useless details of the commentary with you, I thought that the most interesting part of her posting was this statement:

“I do not consider myself Jewish in any way except through blood, I do consider it a personal affront when people talk about ‘the Jews’ or imply that they have some responsibility for the Holocaust or compare them to Nazis.”

This outlook is becoming increasingly common among Jewish Leftists.  In fact, this progressive historian argues that overt anti-semitism is bad because it makes posters on My Left Wing look unreasonable.  This logic is similar to that espoused by Palestinian politicians when discussing terrorism against Israelis: “take a pause in the violence because it makes us look bad”.

Ironically, earlier in the day Leonard and I were discussing the notion of “Jewish Atheists”.  Those people that are born Jewish but essentially maintain no Jewish identity and/or often become the greatest enemies of the Jewish people (George Soros, Noam Chomsky, etc)… This Jewish progressive historian is another illustration of a Jewish (by birth only) intellectual that is on her way to joining that infamous group.

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