Jews… for Anything but Jews

I came across this headline the other day: “Virginia Congressman backed by 9 Jewish organizations wants to block Trump Muslim ban idea” and I thought to myself “I understand the notion of equality for all, but what could possibly be the rationale for Jewish groups to actively expend energy to advocate for Moslems?  More importantly, are any of these Jewish organizations vigorously addressing anti-semitism fermented by Moslem groups on college campuses?”

Of course, the first thing you discover is that these so-called “Jewish” organizations are the standard Leftist bearers of unicorns, rainbows, and love for all.   It’s like seeing an article about American conservatives where the byline indicates that the source is the New York Times — you’re fairly certain about the tone and nature of the commentary before perusing the content.  In similar fashion, if you see a statement about something pertinent to Jews and one of the signers is ‘J Street’, you can rest assured that it’s some blathering position that is critical of Judaism or supports Jew-haters.

There are many cases of VAJINOs such as Jeremy Ben Ami, Bobby Fisher, Noam Chomsky, or Thomas Friedman who want to show their “legitimacy” to the rest of the world by fabricating and articulating stories about the “heinous nature of the Jews”.  The complementary position is for these self-haters to actively advocate for those parties who have avowed to exterminate your Jewish family.

Rest assured that if you reviewed the financials of your local Jewish Federation, you would find that they are passing on some of your charitable contributions to Jew-bashing organizations such Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  As a result, it’s very difficult to justify supporting any of the Left-leaning American Jewish organizations.



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