The Obama World of Identity Politics

An interesting commentary about the contradictory and chaotic notion of identity politics introduced into the world by Obama and company:

…And while it is abundantly clear that safe spaces surely exist — it is only for Jew hatred, since recent studies indicate that the “nation’s universities and colleges are likely today [to be] the chief institutional repository of anti-Semitism in the United States.”

And should I believe that academic associations will come to my rescue, I am sadly mistaken. The American Studies Association and the National Women’s Studies are but a number of organizations that have endorsed academic boycotting of Israel which is just another name for anti-Semitism.

Thus, “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. Every student is entitled to safe spaces and protection against faculty micro-aggressions, but faculty attacks on Jews and Jewish students, especially attacks on Jews who support the existence and well-being of the Jewish state, are not intolerable acts of aggression but rather protected expressions of academic freedom.”

In fact, punishment and retribution of dissenting views is endemic and “free speech is under attack on the nation’s campuses with too few willing to defend it.” Instead, we are being strangled by political correctness, linguistic militancy, outright genuine discrimination, and intimidation.

Source: Teaching While White

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