Laying the Groundwork for WW-III

Some people, such as Tom Rose, recognize that Obama is establishing the environment for World War III:

Rose compared the present Jewish struggle to the threat of the Nazis in 1940, and concluded that in some key ways, today’s situation is worse.

“Today, the Jewish state faces a threat of annihilation no less genocidal than the Jews of Europe faced three quarters of a century ago,” Rose declared. “Ponder this: Adolf Hitler, may his name be forever removed from our memory, never openly proclaimed his goal of exterminating the Jewish people — today’s enemy does.”

Hitler never held “death to America” rallies before the United States entered the war, Rose added, while Iran holds them “every week.”

“Seventy-five years ago, the world dismissed Adolf Hitler as the Jews’ problem. Today, the world dismisses Iran as Israel’s problem,” Rose declared. He added that while Britain and America defeated the Nazis before they could obtain nuclear weapons, the Iran deal makes it far more likely that Iran will develop nuclear capability.

Source: Israel Will Go to War to Prevent Iran From Going Nuclear

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