Leftists, Language, and Social Justice

People seem to forget that Leftists frequently operate in the world of word-play and euphemisms.  Orwell highlighted this attempt at mastery-of-thought in many of his novels.  As an example, citizens frequently discover that the phrase, title, or expression associated with government actions are almost always the opposite of reality.  Let’s take the ‘Affordable Care Act‘, also known as Obamacare.  This misleading title was diametrically the opposite of anything to do with making healthcare more affordable for the majority of US citizens.   Nevertheless, the euphemistic name was the foundation for the Democrat’s manipulation of American public opinion.

Now we have ‘Black Lives Matter‘, which is another ruse to make people believe that it’s some empathetic gesture to help black people. In an interesting commentary by Brent Bozell he lays out the details of the real BLM agenda, which has nary anything to do with helping American citizens of African background:

Black Lives Matter was founded by radical extremists who are perfectly pleased with the rioting, looting, vandalism and violence that have plagued our cities for the past several weeks… BLM supports the destruction of America, and you’ve endorsed it, and they’re laughing at you.

Black Lives Matter doesn’t hide its radical positions. They are listed right on its website. Who they are and what they believe — it’s right there, in the open. Are their beliefs yours too?

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