Pravda and New York Times

I get a kick out of people that consider the New York Times to be the “the paper of record” for news around the world.  The NYT ably represents everything that is wrong with large corporations and journalism.   In a fashion similar to the official mouthpiece of the Soviet Politburo, Pravda, the NYT manipulates facts and fabricates stories to serve the agenda of its owners.  It’s important to note that this is not a recent phenomenon in the age of Trump.  In fact, more than 80 years ago the NYT made a point of intentionally burying news of the Nazi holocaust:

Between 1939 and 1945, The New York Times published more than 23,000 front-page stories. Of those, 11,500 were about World War II. Twenty-six were about the Holocaust.

So why did the paper of record, which President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is said to have combed through every morning, decide to bury the bulk of its Holocaust coverage deep inside the paper, nestled between advertisements?

You probably don’t want to hear a diatribe about Leftist Jews attempting to curry favor with the Goyim.   One thing for certain, you can expect similar treatment from the NYT about the communists in China.

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