Liberal Jews – Part 14

Unfortunately, there appears to be an unlimited supply of material for this multi-series posting about inane Jews with strong leftist viewpoints…  Well, the latest is the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Executive Director, David Harris, who opposed the effort to exonerate Israel from accused wrong-doings.  In addition, he is the advisor to the Obama administration urging them to participate in the planning of the UN Jew-hating meeting known as Durban II.  It appears that the AJC has an agenda that diverges from the interest of the majority of Jews…

I personally steer very clear of any of these bureaucratic Jewish organizations (ADL, JFA, AJC, etc.).  They always stray from the core focus of affirming Jewish interests and instead move towards supporting other “downtrodden” folks such as the citizens of Sudan.  This Harris fellow is another in the long list of self-hating former Jews such as Chomsky, Soros, etc.

You can see earlier posting in this series by clicking on Part 13 here.

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