Life is a Conspiracy

I know a few people on a professional level that strongly believe that every significant event in history is the result of a secret cabal or conspiracy.  Whether it’s the Moslem belief the 9/11 was the result of secret efforts from right wingers, or the US public’s belief in the Machiavellian plans contained in the “Da Vinci Code“, people love the notion of a complex conspiracy.  A recent article by Daniel Henninger notes this phenomenon, “The real accomplishment of The Da Vinci Code is that Dan Brown has proven that the theory of conspiracy theories is totally elastic, it has no limits.”

In my view, no one loves the notion of a conspiracy more than the Moslems.  The conspiracy is their answer for any and all of their failures.   When the Moslem Brotherhood murders tourists visiting Egypt, the next day the Egyptian newspapers will claim that it was actually the Israeli Mossad.  The Moslems have such a fear of the Israelis that they believe the Jews have some mystical control over everything in life. 

If the Jews are in control of everything in the world, I’ll be very disappointed…  Why, you may ask? Because no one has invited me to any of the secret meetings…

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