Mother Nature is More Resilient Than Mankind

Many people are so egocentric that they tend to believe that mankind can change the orbit of the planets.  For example, during the early stages of the space program, there were folks who believed that the launch of the Saturn V rockets would permanently alter the course of Earth.  In reality, nature always appears to have a means to drive an environment toward some sort of natural equilibrium.  I’ve always insisted that God or Mother Nature is better able to adapt than we give credit. 

What got me started on this rant is an article I came across today entitled, “What’s Behind the Crash in Crude Oil?”  The author notes “Is it enough to point the finger of blame for the latest crash in crude oil on the arrival of global warming? Unusually warm weather in Russia, Europe, and the United States weakened global demand for heating oil by 23% below normal last week, and a 30% drop in heating oil demand is also expected in the days ahead”…

Here is an engineer’s view of closed loop control… Mother Nature came up with this approach: Let’s assume that we are running out of petroleum as an energy source… Let’s have petroleum-based products warm the temperatures, and hence reduce the need for petroleum to warm the homes during the winters.

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