My Top Ten Movies

Recently, I colleague of mine asked me about my favorite movies of all time… Since I hadn’t really thought about it, I decided to put some time into organizing my list.  The list below represents my top 10 favorite movies.  These are not necessarily the movies with the best screenplays, or the best cinematography, or for that matter, the best commercial success.  The movies in my list are those that have had the greatest impact on me.  The key criterion in identifying my list: movies that I’ve enjoyed watching more than once (many of these I have seen at least five times).

1. Braveheart

2. Patton

3. Gladiator

4. Signs

5. Star Wars

6. Wizard of Oz

7. Saving Private Ryan

8. Die Hard

9. Back to the Future

10. Road Trip

Just in case you wanted to know, these are my second 10 favorites:

11. Princess Bride

12. Happy Gilmore

13. Patriot

14. Crash

15. Alien

16. Amadeus

17. Caddyshack

18. Platoon

19. The Professional

20. Raiders of the Lost Ark

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