What Happens if There is an Emergency in the Middle East?

A great article from William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, where he describes the folly and danger from the moves made by the Obama administration.  A few excerpts:

On October 12, 1973, President Nixon ordered a massive military re-supply airlift to Israel. President Nixon made this decision over the objections of the foreign policy establishment, which wanted a more “balanced” approach. Israel owed its survival to a Republican President who was not afraid to make a hard, and in some quarters unpopular, decision in a time of crisis.

There is only one person in the world who can destroy Israel. That person is not the leader of Syria or Iran, or the head of some terrorist group. The only person who can destroy Israel is the President of the United States, whose decisions in times of crisis affect Israel’s survival. If Richard Nixon has not taken the bold decision to resupply Israel, Israel would not be here today.

Our President does not realize that by trying to impose his peace on his terms he is increasing the likelihood of war. A sense of Israeli encirclement and a need to strike first because of uncertainty led to the 1967 war.

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