NCAA First Round in Columbus

We attended 3 of the 4 first round NCAA games yesterday at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.  The most exciting game of the day was by far the 54-52 win for Virginia Tech against Illinois (By the way, what is a Hokie?  Is it related to a Hoosier?).  Naturally, we ate dinner at Gordon Biersch restaurant adjacent to the arena, and I drank my usual glass of Heffewisen beer.

bear len seats.jpg

It was ridiculous parking for the game…  Since I typically go to Blue Jacket games at Nationwide in the evenings, I hadn’t really thought about parking during the work day.  However, Nationwide essentially uses all of the business parking garages downtown.  Thus, for the afternoon games everyone had to park more than a mile from the arena and walk through the snow flurries.

We had Club Level seats in the arena which gives us exclusive access to some nice amenities, but more importantly it provides televisions positioned above your seats to watch the other NCAA games being played concurrently at other locations.  (I’m not going to hassle Joe and let him know that he owes me $10 for the Winthrop .vs. Notre Dame game).

We’re heading back on Sunday for the two round 2 games…

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