Providing Identification and Casting a Ballot

I always find it ironic when people complain about the security of electronic voting.  They exclaim that the computers aren’t totally secure thus, the machines can’t be trusted.  Yet, at the same time, these folks lament that a voter shouldn’t be required to show any proof of identity (in fact, I was shocked when I went to my local voting station during the past election and all I had to do was show-up and give them my name).

Is this what people call an anachronism?

The AP reported that Rep. Keith Ellison introduced legislation that would ban requiring photo IDs to vote in federal elections.  He feels that requiring identification would disenfranchise minorities, the poor, women, elderly, and young people (did he leave out short people, cats, dogs, etc?).  He notes: “While photo IDs seem harmless, they are in fact the modern day poll tax.”… hmm, the modern day poll tax.  Now I finally understand the thought process my cleaning lady used when she complained that we were practicing slavery since we only pay her $15/hour.

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