Ridding Ourselves of the Obama Residue

What do we like best about Trump?  He’s not Hillary!   And more importantly, he’s removing many of the inane and illegal policies of the Manchurian Marxist Moslem:

A great example is “Operation Choke Point.” I’ll bet good money 99% of Americans have never heard of it. You didn’t know President Obama created it. And you didn’t know President Trump killed it only days ago.


“Operation Choke Point” was a program dreamed up by Obama to cut off bank accounts, credit, loans and credit card merchant accounts to LEGAL businesses in America. Yes, the federal government tried to strangle and “choke” LEGAL business that Obama deemed “undesirable.” Even liberal lawyers called it a terrible violation of the United States Constitution

Source: Proof Obama Wanted to ‘Choke’ Every Business Owner in America

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