Someone that Pushes Back

An interesting commentary from Dov Fischer about the reasons that Trump is the right guy for the current political environment:

In such a volatile environment of static, of a new tyrannical left that honors none of America’s rules of civil engagement, the political left shamelessly rejects the voters’ choice to render it the “Loyal Opposition” and instead remarkably proclaims itself “The Resistance.” To counter, the pugnacious and divisive Trump emerges as the new-and-improved iteration of conservatives simply trying to be heard over a media din of dogmatic liberalism pocked by their coordinated corruption of conservative ideas and proposals, augmented by their blackout of any and all positive news of the good things that conservatives do and the excellent results that implemented conservative programs accomplish.

Source: A Flawed President Whose Pugnacious Divisiveness Uniquely Suits the Moment’s Need

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