The Age of the Endarkenment


Bret Weinstein testifies before congress about the impending Age of Endarkenment™:


March 19, 2023

Simple commentary from James Kunstler about the wacky age in which we are living and the likelihood that the craziness must stop:

And the answer is the things Western Civ is doing in its attempted suicide: inciting war, recklessly running up debt, persecuting its own citizens and stealing their liberties, subjecting them to medical malfeasance, destroying their goods production and food-growing capabilities, and subjecting the public to incessant mind-fuckery in a campaign to falsify and disfigure reality.

The only recourse of a faction at war with reality is tyranny, forcing the people to accept your bullshit and do your will, whether they like it or not. That is exactly what you get in America’s Democratic Party and other regimes currently in power around Western Civ. Being at war with reality places them at war against their own citizens.


January 9, 2023

More on the Age of Endarkenment™… Here you go:

We now live in a world where people who tell the truth are in fear of their lives.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) January 11, 2023


December 9, 2023

Just when you think it can’t get any wackier, it does in the Age of Endarkenment™…  the US Securities & Exchange Commission is stressing the importance of climate change:

the climate proposal mandates disclosure about board oversight of climate-related risks, including identifying board members or board committees responsible for overseeing climate-related risks; detailing board member climate expertise; describing the processes and frequency of discussions about climate-related risks; explaining how the board is informed about, and how often it thinks about, climate-related risks and whether it considers climate-related risks as part of its business strategy, risk management, and financial oversight…

Forget about US companies providing useful goods and services.   Evidently, the focus for every corporation is to keep Gaia happy…  I used to think that religious zealots were a little crazy.  They can’t hold a candle to the wacky leftists.


September 8, 2022

I see that Townhall has an editorial today titled, “The Return of the Dark Ages”.  The writer is using this expression more about darkness in terms of no lights from the lack of electricity.   Of course, he recognizes that the source of this “energy crisis” is anchored in the same intellectual lunacy propagated by the Leftists in this expanding Age of Endarkenment™:

It is not actually a coincidence that, just as superstitions grew in the original Dark Ages, sophist thinking and superstitions are spreading now. The Americans embracing their inner chakras and healing crystals who think men can get pregnant are the loudest voices of environmental lunacy.


August 6, 2022

In the Age of Endarkenment™ no one challenges ridiculous assertions or conclusions.
The positions of Democrats:
  • A man is not a man.
  • A woman is not a woman.
  • Inflation is not inflation.
  • A recession is not a recession.
  • A vaccine is not a vaccine.
  • An open border is not an open border.
If you don’t believe these things – you’re a racist, science-denier, and a Putin puppet.
— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) July 29, 2022


August 4, 2022

Some pertinent humor about this topic:


May 27, 2022

Once again, I claim that we are living in the Age of Endarkenment™ where reality, empiricism, and merit are treated with disdain.  Frankly, we in the American public have been subjected to the Leftist “slow boiling of the frog” for such an extended period that we’ve almost become immune to the absolute corruption and idiocy of all the political narratives.

I just shake my head every day, point out the insanity of our current situation to those who ask, and focus on what’s in my sphere of control.


February 23, 2021

There was the “Age of the Enlightenment” in the 16th and 17th century where evidence, reason, and liberty were the basis of growth…  In the 21st century, it appears that we are living in the “Age of the Endarkenment” where extreme deceit, mendacity, and illogic are rewarded.

How else do you explain the lunacy in this country?


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