The Anti-Semites Among Us


The Obama/Biden cabal is further adopting the techniques of the devout Moslem, which involves constant bold-faced lies and plentiful double-speak.  It’s all justified based on the reflex of human nature where you simply dehumanize the people that you have declared to be your enemy (the “Infidel” in the case of the Moslem; the “Republican” in the case of the Leftist Democrat), which in turn enables them to rationalize their evil behavior:

The news that the president apologized for casting doubt on Hamas’ casualty reports in Gaza is stunning. All the more so because Biden made his apology in secret.

That’s troubling in its own right, but Biden’s apology signals he’s willing to pander to them privately while publicly supporting Israel.


November 19, 2023

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, found that the vast majority of Palestinians (approximately 70%)  expressed support for the creation of armed terrorist groups to kill Jewish people.


November 11, 2023

From the Washington Free Beacon, where they explain the relationship of the Moslem representative from Michigan and her alleged backers from Hamass:

Anti-Israel representative Rashida Tlaib is connected to at least ‘six terror-linked activists who all served as cohosts for fundraisers for her 2018 congressional campaign,’ according to a report from a watchdog group.”

Is there any surprise there? Would it be more appropriate to list her political position as: Rashida Tlaib, D-Hamas.

An excellent commentary from Shmuel Klatzkin:

[Obama] was and remains no less the anti-Semite than his preacher. He just raised the game to a new level, fooling even someone as savvy and worldly wise as Alan Dershowitz into thinking that he really stood in the great bipartisan post–World War II tradition of fighting anti-Semitism and supporting Israel against the last stronghold of exterminationist politics – the despots of the Middle East….

In return for the trust of Dershowitz and millions of others, Obama skillfully and with psychopathic levels of deception and dissembling undid the America–Israel alliance while simultaneously reviving the moribund terror mullahs of Iran, financing them and green-lighting their atomic aspirations.


November 5, 2023

Don’t ever forget the current highest-ranking anti-Semite amongst us, the notorious Manchurian Marxist Moslem, Barack Hussein Obama.   All the fools (especially the Leftist Jews) that believed that this man was the Messiah…  Unfortunately, Obama is still pulling the strings at the US Executive branch of government.  We can now clearly see the “fundamental change” that he brought to America — economic collapse, racial and religious hatred, chaotic crime, and more.

Obama is still trying to promote moral equivalence between his Moslem brethren and western, classic liberalism, which only an illiterate would accept.  His brand of politics and culture is morally bankrupt and filled with intellectual cowards.  As Glenn Harlan Reynolds noted:

[Obama] added:  “You have to admit that all of us are complicit to some degree.”  No, I don’t admit that at all.  I think that Obama is complicit, by favoring not only negotiations with, but outright subsidies to, terrorists instead of eliminating them.  I also think that he’s trying to spread the blame to “all of us,” now that his policy is a disaster.


November 1, 2023

Look no further than some of the Democrat politicians in the United States of America.

In the midst of all this avowed hatred for the Jews perpetrated by Moslems, what is the major initiative by the Obama/Biden executive branch? Well, the White House announces a national strategy to counter “islamophobia”.   Yep, as Moslems around the world openly call for genocide, the US Federal government that is run by the Democrats wants to ensure that nobody is mean to the Islamic haters.

At the same time, the Democrat White House indicates that people making ‘violent anti-Semitic threats’ are not classified as ‘domestic terrorists’.  Evidently, to the Democrats the only domestic terrorists are Republicans.

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