The Bush Legacy

A nice article in the Weekly Standard about President Bush’s accomplishments…  While I never liked hearing Bush give a speech in his Texas drawl, and I didn’t agree with his approach on spending, I often agreed with his positions on foreign policy.  In addition, unlike Clinton, there were not many overt personal vices on display. 

The top 10 accomplishments (read the article for all the details)

1. He opposed the Kyoto treaty.
2. He enhanced interrogation of terrorists.
3. He rebuilt presidential authority.
4. He maintained unswerving support for Israel.
5. He supported the education reform bill.
6. He focused on promoting democracy around the world.
7. He supported the Medicare prescription drug benefit.
8. He added tow honorable men to the Supreme Court.
9. He strengthened relations with east Asian democracies.
10. He supported the surge in Iraq.

I can’t say that I necessarily agree with all ten (e.g., I would put #5 on my list), but it’s a good start.

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