A Candid Conversation about Jews

You can cut through all the editorial mish-mash with a set of very simple conversation snippets.  It provides clarity for the rest of us.  The quotes below are distillations of the political platitudes, and reflect the real behavior and outlook that is most prevalent for each group/person:

Hamas: “Allah has told me it is my goal in life to kill all the Jews!”

Fatah: “Let’s pretend to like the Jews, and then kill them when nobody’s looking.”

UN: “Damn Jews are responsible for all the world’s problems.  Let’s make a resolution condemning them.”

Red Cross: “Jews don’t believe in Christ and the holy cross, so f*** em!”

Jimmy Carter: “If those stubborn Jews would have listened to me, there wouldn’t be any problems.”

Liberal Jew: “I’m sorry for upsetting you, we’ll walk to the gas chambers in a more orderly manner.”

Pat Buchanan: “Those conspiring Jews are turning the middle east into a haven of hatred.”

European: “If the Jews would just go away, there would be no more Moslem problems in Paris.”

Jewish Federation: “Send a donation to combat racism, we’re raising money for African-American charities.”

Christian Leftists: “The Jews are still the cause of world problems so we should not allow Israeli professors here.”

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