The Economy and Labor Statistics

Even the political manipulation of reality is getting more difficult…  The Obama administration can twist the numbers all they like, but it’s becoming more obvious that it’s all one big ruse:

180,000 more Americans left the workforce, bringing the total to a record 94.7 million Americans not in the labor force. The corporate MSM will roll out the usual “experts” to blather about the retirement of Baby Boomers as the false narrative to deflect blame from Obama and his minions. The absolute absurdity of the data heaped upon the ignorant masses is clearly evident in the data over the last three months. Here is government idiocracy at its finest:

  • Number of working age Americans added since March – 406,000
  • Number of employed Americans since March – NEGATIVE 290,000
  • Number of Americans who have supposedly voluntarily left the workforce – 1,226,000
  • Unemployment rate – FELL from 5.0% to 4.7%

Source: Funniest Labor Report Ever

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