What is the Mainstream Perspective?

In a world cultivated by the likes of a charlatan such as Obama, there is no realistic perspective or pursuit of reality.  You can sense this when you see the positions of the mainstream media:

When Muslims kill Jews as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing while cursing them as “apes and pigs”, it’s not like the Holocaust. But when Syrian Muslims, at least 13% of whom support ISIS, want to invade America… it’s exactly like the Holocaust.

That’s the shameless abuse of history perpetrated by Ishaan Tharoor at the Washington Post who helped popularize that disgusting, “Muslim Migrants = Holocaust Survivors” meme.

Source: Muslims Killing Jews Not Like the Holocaust, Syrian Refugees Like the Holocaust

If you see a byline from the Washington Post, New York Times, or Los Angeles Times, you should carefully examine the information before digesting the content of the article… read at you own risk.


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