The “Settled” Climate Science

I recently had a discussion with a colleague about the “settled” climate debate… She claimed that there was a consensus among scientists that man is responsible for global warming. I pointed out that there are a preponderance of “deniers” including professors from MIT, University of Rochester, Tulane University, etc… I even mentioned the recent revelation known as “Climategate” (people manipulating temperature data and graphs — i.e., scientific evidence — to promote an agenda).  I further pointed out a few links worth reading (including a US government site that describes the 700 international scientists that dissent over man-made global warming):

Carbon Dioxide Irrelevant in Climate Debate says MIT Scientist

Changes in Net Flow of Ocean Heat Correlate with Past Climate Anomalies

Is Mankind Responsible for Global Warming?

More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

Please recall that climate change is happening all the time — with or without man. The planet earth is actually very dynamic with earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, freezing, thawing, etc… We can’t even come up with reliable computer models to predict the weather next week, much less next decade. Thus, most objective statisticians would consider the identification of the various factors that affect our weather patterns as relatively incomplete.

I do not deny that people and the burning of petroleum may alter the atmosphere (note the history of smog in LA). The question is how much is man responsible for “climate chaos”; what is the impact of that change; and what can or should we reasonably do about it?

It would appear that most of the current climate-related activities and warnings of impending catastrophe fostered by the UN and O’bama are a ruse for a “global” hegemony. A back-handed way of getting everyone to sign-up for redistribution of income to “developing countries”… Can you imagine a soon-to-be-bankrupt US further taxing US citizens to send funds to despotic rulers in Africa?


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