What Grade Would You Give the President?

While the polls in support of O’bama have been dropping like a lead balloon and the economy is heading south at an alarming pace, he believes he has been doing a nearly great job.  In an article posted by AFP, the President indicated that he would give himself “A good solid B plus” for his first year in office.  Explaining why he wouldn’t give himself top marks, the president said his administration had “inherited the biggest set of challenges of any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt” which they were still working on.

Hmm, this man doesn’t sound like he has close connections with realities… Based on O’bama’s grading criteria, I am assuming that when the Moslems invade Spain, he’ll give himself an A…  Of course, you can probably further assume that O’bama is used to receiving unearned high grades in all facets of his life.

obama_dunce_cap.jpg    dunce.jpg

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