The Stealth Revolution Right in Front of You

A revealing summary from Victor Davis Hanson about the state of politics  and the demonic positioning of the Democrats in the United States of America:

To paraphrase Sophocles, 2020 saw many strange things and nothing stranger than peak Trump derangement syndrome, COVID-19, a self-induced recession, our first national quarantine, and riots, looting, and arson, all mostly unpunished and uncontrolled, in our major cities.

So we are in revolutionary times, even as we snooze about a recent systematic effort, hidden with great effort by our own government, to destroy a prior presidential campaign and transition, and now a presidency.

We are asked to vote for a candidate who will not reveal his position on any major issue of our age, because he feels to do so would enlighten the undeserving electorate and thereby cost him the election. So we continue to sleepwalk toward a revolution whose architects warped our institutions in 2016–2020, and they now plan to alter many of them beyond recognition in 2021.

Translated, that means that they don’t regret what they did in 2016–2019, only that they belatedly got caught for a brief time.

And so by changing the rules after 2020, they are vowing never ever to get caught again.

Have you thought about the likely consequences of having hard core Lefists leading the Federal Government in Washington?  I suppose we could get the riotous night-life of Portland in all 50 States (or is that 52 States?).

And a comment about the revolution from the Chairman of the Claremont Institute:

I wish to make three points. First, Trump is the perfect man for these times, not all times, perhaps not most times, but these times. Second, Republicans are not doing a good job explaining the stakes in this election. They must explain, and this is my third point, that the Democratic Party, which has been taken by its radical wing, is leading a revolution. This makes the coming election the most important one since the election of 1860.

And yet another pundit weighs-in on the notion of a “revolution” planned by the Left.

It may be difficult to admit that a full-scale revolution is brewing in the United States of America…  Virtually all the opinion molding organs of American society are in the hands of the revolutionaries: the entire educational establishment, the media, the law schools, the libraries, big corporation boards, the entertainment industry and the Democratic Party…

I recall vividly the fear I felt in 1967 and 1968 when American cities were burning, a savage war tore at the very fabric of our society, riots determined the selection of a president, and we seemed on the cusp of revolutionary change. It didn’t happen. The good sense of the American people prevailed as we restored order and proceeded to rely on our traditional beliefs and values to right the ship.  Perhaps we shall again.

Any another set of comments from a researcher writing about the effects of Cultural Marxism and the onslaught of a Leftist revolution:

The other important takeaway from this is that the proponents of Cultural Marxism can find a way to tie virtually any topic to some imagined “system of oppression,” then fill in the blanks with the appropriate argument… There is no place for individual responsibility for good or for ill. Rather, there is only the analysis of power…

America, the West and white people did not invent slavery, however they did more to eradicate it from the face of the earth than anyone else. Mental gymnastics are often required to argue against even the most basic refutations of Cultural Marxism and such mental gymnastics often expose the proponents of Cultural Marxism as uneducated, unprincipled or just plain wrong.

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