There will be a Little Less Liberalism in Southwest Ohio

There will be a little less liberalism in Southwest Ohio… Antioch College, based in Yellow Springs, Ohio (about 20 minutes east of Dayton), will be ceasing operation.  Antioch and Yellow Springs have always been an anachronism for Ohio (you can read an Alum’s story in the New York Times) I can recall visiting Yellow Springs with my parents as a youngster and getting the feeling that I was visiting San Francisco or Berkeley in the 1960s — tie-dye shirts, bell bottom jeans, “free love”, and so on.

You should recall that Southwest Ohio is not exactly “multi-cultural”  In fact, one of the most revealing jokes goes something like this: “What’s the difference between yogurt and Dayton, Ohio?  Yogurt has more culture.”

I suppose that the closing of Antioch is a reflection of the decreasing demand for a far-left, liberal education in Ohio.

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