Time to Sell Your Microsoft Stock

It’s alway those darn Juuuuwwws…  The worst enemies of Jews are Leftist Jews:

Since when does the Washington Post accept editorials calling for ethnic cleansing? I don’t see a Boko Haram leader getting an op-ed piece there. Even an Eastern European calling for the expulsion of some ethnic group for peace and stability probably wouldn’t make it past the editorial board.But the Destroy Israel crowd is celebrating that they got a piece into the Washington Post suggesting the need for the expulsion of 389,000 Jews from parts of Israel.

The piece, by Microsoft senior researcher Glen Weyl and defender of dead tyrant Hugo Chavez, Steven Levitsky, is a boycott Israel rant by two “Zionists” who just “love” Israel so much that they feel it needs to be boycotted. We’ve seen this before from the Destroy Israel crowd whose members attempt to package their anti-Israel propaganda as love of Israel.

Source: Microsoft Researcher Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in Israel

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