Top 10 Sports Movies

I stayed up late to watch “Major League” for at least the 10th time… Even though I’m not a great fan of baseball, this movie with Wesley Snipes, Charlie Sheen, and company is a sports movie classic.  Of course, this got me thinking about my favorite movies involving sports.  As always, I base my rankings on those films that I enjoy watching multiple times… Well, here it goes:

10. Tin Cup (golf)
9. Slap Shot (hockey)
8. Rocky (boxing)
7. Hoosiers (basketball)
6. Field of Dreams (baseball)
5. Miracle (hockey)
4. Major League (baseball)
3. White Men Can’t Jump (basketball)
2. Caddyshack (golf)
1. Happy Gilmore (golf)

Even though I am not a fan of golf, three of my top ten are comedies involving folks with big swinging sticks.

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