US Auto Industry and the UAW

John Tavardian passed along these comments about a recent article in the Chicago Tribune.  The article describes a huge contributing factor to the state of the American auto industry: 

Judy Rowe earns $31.80 an hour to sit and do nothing all day long — for six years!  She is just one of 70 United Auto Workers (UAW) sitting in that room — earning their pay, accruing benefits, vacation time, and seniority credits.  The UAW insists the program, known as the jobs bank, is a necessary protection for workers — a tool to prevent companies from transferring jobs.  It’s also a testament to its clout. 

In another testament to the UAW — one of sloth — Judy says she thinks she’s becoming depressed from sitting around all day and doing nothing.  Rather than going out and finding another job that would be fulfilling she continues to sit around all day doing nothing.  Another fine legacy of the UAW. 

This article also mentions some of the other perks UAW workers get as part of their contracts with the Big 3.  It’s amazing that the leadership of the automakers allowed this to ever happen.  It’s also amazing that the leadership of the UAW is still do delusional as to think: a) their faithful are actually worth what they get; and b) that the gravy train will and should continue. 

The UAW better enjoy these perks while they can.  Given the state of things, I don’t see how they can continue.

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