Who Wants to be Green?

It used to drive my sister crazy when I would tell her that I’ll start recycling bottles and cans as soon as the refuse company makes it economically viable for me to do so…  Guess what, I’m not the only person that thinks that way.  In a recent issue of Electronic Design News, the author notes that the consumers are getting sick and tired of companies trying to sell stuff under the banner of “green” eco-friendly design:

The intent to purchase green products has dropped about 20% from last year. I too am getting green fatigue. It seems like every press release and every story has to have some green angle. Now sure, buying a green washing machine may save a little energy on your bills, but the there will sure be a ton of energy wrapped up in the production of that new machine versus just keeping your old machine running. It turns out that consumers are pretty smart. In order to justify a 4000-dollar purchase for some “green” technology, they expect to see monthly savings equal to the additional mortgage payment they would need to make on that four grand. Since home equity is at 6% right now, 4 grand costs about 20 bucks a month. If that does not come off the gas or electric bill they realize that you are just trying to sell them some new crap that does not make economic sense. Bravo. It turns out that consumers are just as savvy as businesses about capital expenditures.

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