New Israeli Government

I can deal with the reality of having Hamas leading these wayward Moslems known as Palestinians (see my previous posting on the value of having the Palestinian hatred out in the open).  However, I’m very concerned about the prospects of

The Eve of World War III?

According to Meir Amit, a former director of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, global civilization is on the verge of “World War III,” a massive conflict in which the Islamic world will attempt to impose its ideology on Western nations.  Amit,

Technology, Marketplaces, & Wealth

I’ve been looking for a decent treatise for my sons, which explains the interrelationships of technology, marketplaces, and wealth.  I recently found a book by Andy Kessler called, “How We Got Here”, that does an admirable job providing a pragmatic

Best Skylines in the World

All urban “life” begins and ends each day and night under the watch of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and most grand architectural structures…  I found an interesting web site that shows photos of the top 15 skylines from around the world.

US Auto Industry and the UAW

In a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, Thomas Bray discusses the high cost of corporate welfare for the auto unions… “Even now many UAW members consider a job in the auto industry a sort of property right. And

Marriage is for White People

A recent article in the Washington Post discusses the disturbing trend concerning marriage in black culture…  The author writes: “And then some 12-year-olds enlightened me. ‘Marriage is for white people.’  That’s what one of my students told me some years

Software Licenses … and Buggy Whips?

In the article, “Will Oracle Ditch Licenses”, eWeek examines the move to Sotware as a Service (SAAS).  At a recent conference, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison stoked speculation that the company is looking toward becoming a software subscription business… “Industry contacts