Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Since I consider myself to be happiest when I’m multi-tasking, I’ve always found it difficult to continually practice the same sports routines.  Nevertheless I’ve always believed in the notion of “muscle memory”… Well, according to an article in NewScientist, endless hours spent

Weddings and Honesty

A woman married three times walked into a bridal shop one day and told the sales clerk that she was looking for a wedding gown for her fourth wedding. “Of course, madam,” replied the sales clerk, “exactly what type and

More Great Hockey Scores

These are courtesy of Scott Morris… Another great shootout goal comes to mind from last season when Marek Malik, defenseman for the Rangers, scores a beautiful goal… between his legs!  You can see the video here.  Possibly the best goal

Schindler Part 2: Leica

Here is an unknown story that will be of interest to you…  Hat tip to Kon Berkovich. The Leica is the pioneer 35mm camera. While it wasn’t the very first still camera to use 35mm movie film, it was the

Good Mood Prevents Colds

A new scientific study suggests that people who frequently experience positive emotions are less likely to catch colds. Psychologist Sheldon Cohen and his colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University interviewed 193 healthy adults daily for two weeks and recorded the positive

The Bottom-Line on Iran

Justin Logan, a Foreign Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute, writes a cogent analysis on the current options for dealing with Iran: It appears increasingly likely that the Bush administration’s diplomatic approach to Iran will fail to prevent Iran from

More Chanukah Icons

Bob read my posting on Chanukah and we were having a discussion about the significance of the dreidel — the four-sided spinning top that is so often associated with Chanukah. The dreidel has four Hebrew letters – Nun, Gimmel, Hay, Shin (letters

Top 10 Technologies for 2007

Popular Mechanics has a new list of technologies (or at least concepts for technologies) that it claims will be big in 2007. From PRAM to BAN and SmartPills to data clouds, it’s a good summary of upcoming and in-process trends.