Jews, Moslems, and Democrats

An excellent article in Commentary by Gabriel Schoenfeld.  She essentially describes the problems that the Democrat party has in store for Israel and the Jews: The 2006 midterm elections confirmed once again a truism of American politics: American Jews remain

Wipe Them Out First

A great article by Shimshone Ben-Yosef.  It may appear harsh, but this is the type of “self-preservation” thinking that must exist in Israel. I am not among those who oppose gatherings like the one in Teheran, where the intellectual weaklings

Real Answers on Driver’s Exams

The following are a sampling of real answers on exams given by the California Department of Transportation’s traffic school.  Hat tip to StrangeCosmos. Q: Do you yield when a blind pedestrian is crossing the road? A: What for? He can’t

Palestinian Civil War

Great news!  The murderers-that-want-to-kill-all-of-the-Jews (Hamas) appears to be entering into a war with the murderers-that-pretend-to-be-moderates-but-also-want-to-kill-the-Jews (Fatah).  Hopefully, this will keep them busy and let them start eliminating each other…  I can’t think of a better Chanukah gift.

Is Baker a Moron?

Most comments about the Iraq Study Group have been unfavorable (except those perhaps coming from Iran or Syria).  One of the better commentaries comes from Daniels Pipes.  Some of the key excerpts appear below: The Report, cobbled together by 10

Dell has Gone Downhill

I’ve been buying Dell computers for well over 15 years (note: I’m typing this posting on my Dell Latitude D620)… I started buying Dell during the days when there were at least 10 other alternatives such as Compaq, Acer, Systemax,

Blue Jackets Keep on Rolling

The Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Dallas Stars 3-1 on Tuesday to extend their winning streak to 5 games.  Columbus won in Dallas for the first time in franchise history. The Blue Jackets were 0-9-1 in their first 10 visits