Conference on Iranian Intelligence

Since the Iranians have regular “conferences” that deny the Holocaust ever occurred, I am planning a conference to explore if there has ever been an Iranian with any worthwhile contributions to mankind.  Many of my colleagues claim that they have

Kofi Annan Farewell Speech

This is a perfect companion piece to the Rick Santorum farewell. A stark contrast between viewpoints… On Monday, Kofi Annan held forth on his favorite topic: what he sees as America’s offenses against human rights and the rule of law.  Annan

Rick Santorum’s Farewell Speech

Rick Santorum is the one US Senator who clearly understands the challenge to freedom that the US presently faces…  He recently gave a farewell speech to his fellow Congressmen.   I’ve excerpted some of the key points below.  You can find the

Liberty and Epithets

First, the Government mandates the use of seat belts.  Next, the bureaucrats outlaw the use of trans fats in foods.  Now, we have people talking about outlawing the use of certain words.  Is this becoming a world where legislating morality is

What and Who are the “Iraq Study Group”?

This “Iraq Study Group” (ISG) has the audacity to tell the President “you should take our recommendations in whole”… I don’t recall voting for these people.  Who in the f&#K designated these hacks as having higher authority than the President to set the course of

Mercedes Concept Car

Take a look at the latest Mercedes concept car… the photo at the left shows a shiny new sports car.  However, the photo at the right indicates what’s coming down the pike — There is no steering wheel and no