Democrats and the Price of Gasoline

George Will writes a great editorial on the continued foolishness of Pelosi and the Democrats… a few excerpts: “Pelosi announced herself ‘particularly concerned’ that the highest price of gasoline recently was in her San Francisco district… Actually, Pelosi’s constituents are

Safe Bets

Another funny one from Joe Knecht… An elderly woman walked into the Bank of America one morning with a purse full of money. She wanted to open a savings account and insisted on talking to the president of the Bank

Whirlwind Tour of Northern California

Chris and I had a whirlwind tour of Northern California earlier this week… We had 5 meetings with 4 organizations in 3 cities in 2 days.  On Monday morning, we flew direct from Cincinnati to San Francisco.  Since we had a couple

The Amazing Feldman

A man walks into the street and manages to get a taxi. He gets into the taxi, and the cabbie says, “Perfect timing. You’re just like Frank.” Passenger: “Who?” Cabbie: “Frank Feldman. He’s a guy who did EVERYTHING right ALL the

Government Contracts

Here is another funny one from Mark Clower… Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House in Washington DC. One from Florida, another from Tennessee, and the third from New Jersey.  They go with a

Job Application

Two young engineers applied for a single position at a computer company. They both had the same qualifications. In order to determine which individual to hire, the applicants were asked to take a test by the department manager.Upon completion of