Strange Quotes about Education

“In the first place God made idiots; that was for practice; then he made school boards.” – Mark Twain “Dublin University contains the dream of Ireland – rich and thick.” – Samuel Beckett “Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a

US Soldier – Standard Gear

It’s interesting how the standard equipment that a soldier carries has changed over the years.  When we visited the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans in 2005, there was an exhibit that showed all of the gear issued to the army

Top 10 Lessons for Software Developers

Developer Andres Taylor shares his experience in software development with this gem: “Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me.” There are some decent insights on this list, and if you’re a developer you should take

A-10 Firepower

We happen to be doing some work on the A-10 for the US Air Force.  I thought that Kon and Bob would enjoy seeing the “warthog” in action… [youtube]L9HlfjM4WOo[/youtube] 3 min 30 sec

BMW .vs. Infiniti… in Court

If you’re an automobile aficionado, you are probably well aware of the famous BMW “M” series cars.  This is the moniker applied to the high-end versions of the BMW sports cars.  For example, the M5 is the 500 horsepower version

Do You Ever Wonder

Do ever wonder about the circular logic of people that protest war, but end up throwing rocks at other people and destroying a congressman’s office… or people that are against abortion and call it killing, then turn around and bomb abortion clinics

Ten Signs You’re Working too Hard

Another funny one from StrangeCosmos: 1) You’re so tired that you now answer the phone “you’ve called hell.” 2) You’re best friend calls to ask how you’ve been and you immediately scream “get off my back, bitch.” 3) Your electronic

Fascinating Facts

More interesting facts from StrangeCosmos… Q. What occurs more often in December than any other month? A. Conception. Q. Only 14% of Americans say they’ve done this with the opposite sex. What is it? A. Skinny dipping. Q. Half of