Company Motivation

I’m sure that some of you work in those companies where the rah rah mentality is manifested with motivational posters and all of the Psychology 101 clap trap… There is an interesting web site called Demotivators that captures the cynicism

Cincinnati Posts a Record Year

No, the Cincy Reds baseball team still sucks… and the Bengals can’t keep their players off of the police blotter page (or win a game when it really matters).  The new record for Cincinnati in 2006 is the quantity of

Puerto Rico – 51st State?

Since we just visited Puerto Rico and traveled around almost half of the island, I thought it would be instructive to understand a little of its history and its relationship with the United States.  As I noted in my previous

Dell has Gone Downhill

I’ve been buying Dell computers for well over 15 years (note: I’m typing this posting on my Dell Latitude D620)… I started buying Dell during the days when there were at least 10 other alternatives such as Compaq, Acer, Systemax,

Mercedes Concept Car

Take a look at the latest Mercedes concept car… the photo at the left shows a shiny new sports car.  However, the photo at the right indicates what’s coming down the pike — There is no steering wheel and no

New Software from Microsoft

Unless you’ve been asleep at the wheel, you’re probably aware the Microsoft has finally released two major software packages.  These “cash cows” for Microsoft include Windows Vista (upgrade for Windows XP) and Office 2007 (upgrade for Office 2003).   These two upgrades