It’s Always Been Jihad

I can’t say that I’ve ever liked the Israeli historian, Benny Morris, but his recent interview in the Jerusalem Post really sums it up in very simple views: “The sense of Arab humiliation has only deepened over the past 60

What White People Want

John Tavardian sent me a comment about how Obama knows what a “typical white person” is like…  Tarvar said we should visit this website: It’s a parody on the fetishes, fantasies, and fixations of upper-class white urban liberals. Some of the

Liberalism = Hypocrisy

I don’t take harsh positions on this topic in the same vein as Ann Coulter, where she insists that Liberals are somehow brain damaged.  However, I’ve seen a consistent pattern where Leftists preach one principle and practice another.  For example, we’ve

Would You Vote for Hill O’Bama?

Would you vote for one of those Democrat duds?   In a great article from Jackie Mason (yes, that Jackie Mason… read the text below in his staccato speaking style), you get a down-to-earth view on the candidates for President: …Although

The Collapse of Socialism in Israel

Update – A recent story covered by Reuters entitled “Ditching socialist roots, kibbutz makes a comeback“.   It appears we have another recent case study where Socialism is being replaced by Capitalism… Sept 21, 2007 – Many of you may not be