Basketball and Racism

The New York Daily News has an article that attempts to help explain Isiah Thomas and his version of racism… “Jurors heard the Knicks coach say he wouldn’t stand for a white man calling a black woman a ‘bitch’ –

Nuclear Weapons in Syria?

My buddy, Mike Belcher, pointed out an article in the Wall Street Journal that speculates about “Israel’s Silence on Syria speaks volumes”.  The article suggests that Israeli warplanes were targeting a nuclear materials shipment from North Korea…

First-Hand Stories in Iraq

If you want to read an excellent first-hand account of military activities on the ground in Iraq, you will want to read these reports from Michael Yon.  He is an embedded reporter that also take his own photographs of the

World’s Tallest Building

If the Moslems are looking for a new target for their airplanes that don’t land, may I suggest the new office tower in Dubai?  For those of you not aware, this building, which is still under construction, is now the

The Greatest Enemy of the Jews

You may have seen me previously note that the greatest enemy of the Jews… liberal Jews.   Yes, these self-hating Jews — whether it’s Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, or the other Democrat-loving ass-kissers — these folks are the greatest threat to

Hatred of Jews

A very interesting article in the Washington Post from Dennis MacShane.  He is the Labor member of the British House of Commons, and his comments include: Hatred of Jews has reached new heights in Europe and many points south and

Moslems Murder Hindus

As if they don’t have enough enemies in the Western nations, the Moslems have decided they should murder some Hindus as well.  According to a recent article in Associated Press,  “A pair of almost simultaneous bombings blamed on Islamic extremists