Is There Really Freedom of Speech?

I contend that black athletes are much better than oriental athletes at playing basketball.  Is that thought racist?   Heck, more than 70% of the players in the world’s premier professional league (National Basketball Association) are black, while less than 5%

Al Gore and Jimmy Carter

Question: What do Al Gore and Jimmy Carter have in common? Answer: They are both failed, left-wing hypocrites that are more appreciated by the Nobel committee than they are by the American people. You can see this in spades when

US Postal Service & Moslems

You were probably unaware that the United States Postal Service issued a stamp promoting Moslem holidays…  If you look at a picture of the stamp below, it almost looks like a Christmas tree.  However, upon closer examination, it’s evident that

Lieberman and the Israeli Lefties

You’ve got to love this Lieberman guy.  No, not Joe Lieberman.   Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs.  He speaks clearly in ways that I understand.  For example, he notes about the Israeli Left: ”All our troubles, all our problems, all our victims

Leftist Israelis Turning Right

Left wing Israelis were famous for espousing “there is no military solution to terrorism”.  In fact, many an Israeli citizen was formerly willing to do anything in the hopes for “peace”… you want more land, take my back yard;  you need guns to

Iranian Despot in New York

Since my mother was a graduate of Columbia University with a Masters Degree in Sociology, I feel compelled to weigh-in with an opinion on the recent visit from Iranian Presiden,  Had-My-Jihad… The comment that sums it up best came from

Boycott Manilow

I’m officially boycotting that homosexual, left wing Jew boy, Barry Manilow.  I’m sorry that I ever listened to any of his music.  He is now banished from our home MP3 collection.